"a stunningly beautiful book....

magnificent artwork"


Wordpool        (review of 'A to Z of Animals')



"incredibly vivid illustrations"


Reading zone   (review of 'Animal Diaries, Frog')



Peter is an award winning book illustrator whose distinctive and recognisable artwork is sought out by top international publishing houses. In addition to successful series of solo books for Usborne, Templar, Quarto, Q.E.D. and Orpheus, his other well known clients include Reader’s Digest, Harper Collins, Time Life, Random House, Athena, Virgin, Disney, the R.S.P.B. and Dorling Kindersley. His artworks are also used in advertising, television and one of the Guardian newspaper's popular wallcharts. American scientific journals 'Current Science' and 'Wired' have featured his work, as has design periodical Creative Review and B.B.C. Wildlife magazine.

Peter also drew and co-designed the alien creatures for National Geographic’s successful two part C.G.I. documentary ‘Extraterrestrials’, the resulting designs appearing in the 'Radio Times'

and as part of the 'Science of Aliens' exhibition which toured the world. His recent work has included regular illustrations for 'How it Works', 'All about History' and 'World of Animals' magazines.

Peter's knowledge of his subject and attention to detail make his illustrations scientifically accurate as well as

visually appealing.