Solo Books list

These are the books which Peter has contributed all (or over 90%) of the illustrations.


For the Love of Boats  Ronnie Sellers/ Sellers Publshing 2019/20

Time to Rhyme   Nigel Tetley/Troubador  2018

A Moment Like This Ronne Randall/ Igloo  2016

Notable Boats   Ivy Press 2016

First Book of Baby Animals  Bloomsbury/A&C Black 2014

Lion (Animal Diaries) QED 2013

Frog (Animal Diaries) QED 2013

Penguin (Animal Diaries) QED 2013

Eagle (Animal Diaries) QED 2013

Shark (Animal Diaries) QED 2012

Spider (AnimalDiaries) QED 2012

T-Rex (Animal Diaries) QED 2012

Elephant (Animal Diaries) QED 2012

Baby Animals 3-D Viewers             Cowley Robinson 2011

RSPB First Book of Mammals A&C Black 2011  

Amazing Animals         Templar 2010

Weird Dinosaurs  Fernleigh 2010

A to Z of Animals  ('A to Z of Wild Animals' in U.S.)     Templar 2009    

Kaleidopops Oceans    Templar 2008

Kaleidipops Bugs        Templar 2008

Kaleidopops Predators  ('Wild Animals' in US)  Templar 2009

Lift and Look  Under the Sea Usborne 2009

Dinosaurs   Time-Life/ Orpheus 1997

Ask a Dinosaur  Rosen/ PowerKids Press/Orpheus 2006

Dinosaurs & Prehistoric Life (Outside Inside) Orpheus 2007

(in France as 'Les Dinosaures - Tout voir tout savoir') Casterman 2007

Very Mixed-up Dinosaurs   Orpheus 1998

Leap through Time - Dinosaurs  Orpheus 2002

Lift the flap Dinosaurs   Usborne 2003

Lift the flap Under the Sea  Usborne 2003

Lift the flap Creepy Crawleys  Usborne  2004

Lift the flap  Dragons   Usborne 2005

Lift the flap  Birds  Usborne  2004

Lift the flap Sharks  Usborne 2005

Lift the flap Unicorns  Usborne  2006

Dragons Jigsaw book   Usborne 2005

Under the Sea Jigsaw book  Usborne  2005

Unicorns Jigsaw book  Usborne 2006

Dinosaur Jigsaw book  Usborne  2003

See Inside Dinosaurs  Usborne 2006

Box of Dinosaurs  Usborne 2006

Box of Bugs Usborne 2006

Lift and Look Dinosaurs Usborne

Snakes (Golden Guide) St. Martin’s Press 2002

Dinosaurs (Little Gem) Harper Collins 1996

Dinosaurs Barron’s Juveniles

Dragons  Random House 2004