After working on forty line and wash paintings for this book in the autumn of last year, it has now hit the shelves and I'm really pleased with how it looks. Nic Compton's evocative and thrilling accounts of each little boats adventures are interspersed with deck plans, and my watercolours set on a 'designer' pale grey ground.

The U.K. version has the full compliment of 40 boats, with explorer Roald Amundsen's plucky little 70 ft sloop Gjøa, in which he made the first voyage through the elusive North West Passage in the early 1900's. It is published in hardback by Ivy Press.

The U.S. version, published by Rizzoli, features on it's cover Josiah Lawlor's 15ft boat 'Sea Sepent' in which he won a 45 day race across the wild Atlantic Ocean in 1891.


"Visually Impactful"  Vanity Fair

An exciting collaboration with U.S. artist John LaMacchia are a series of new artworks based on Audubon's iconic bird paintings, but with a cutting edge environmental twist.


I also continue to provide illustrations for Future Publishing's successful magazines 'World of Animals', 'How it Works' and 'All About History'.







'Time to Rhyme' is a new children's book written by Nigel Tetley. The book uses evocative rhyme to describe the passing of time through changing seasons and daily weather, and how it effects how we feel.

There are 25 watercolour artworks which help to visualise the words.



Peter is working with the Scott Polar Research Institute, part of Cambridge University, on further products this year. Last years series of 7 penguin cards designed using artwork from the book 'Animal Diaries Penguin (QED) sold out and are now available again. Two more designs followed, one featuring Ernest Shackleton's ship 'Endurance' to coincide with their major Shackleton exhibition held this summer. A large batch were ordered by the Falkland Islands Museum in Port Stanley, and an exclusively redesigned bulk order made for cruise company 'Polar Latitudes', for their polar ship 'Hebridean Isles'. This company also commissioned a new card featuring both 'Endurance' and 'Hebridean Isles'. All these cards are destined for Antarctica.

The first series of new cards are in preparation.

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A regular column in BBC Wildlife Magazine, 'Hidden Britain' features some of the often overlooked, but always fascinating wildlife around the UK. The animals featured are often small, so the artwork has to be detailed enough to reveal their structure, but with a slightly 'sketchbook' feel.

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